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... Swingers. Are you a lifestyle traveler? If yes, then dont limit yourself with ...Jan 15, 2013 .

.. In closing, SLS is a great site for your dating and partying needs within the Lifestyle. For Lifestyle couples or single swingers some like to keep ...Who are swingers? · When did swinging begin? · What are the benefits of being a swinger? · What is a swinger life style? · What are the common types of ..

.Apr 8, 2011 ... Swingers vs. the Lifestyle Community - is there really a difference? The quick answer, not really… By strict definition, a Swinger is a Couple ...swinglifestyle

.com, sls, swinger lifestyle, swing lifestyle, swinglifestyle, swingers, threesome stories, swing life style, swinger personals, swingers lifestyles,.They have existed for many years based on the "backwoods" nature of this lifestyle. Swingers are a social bunch, SLS is more of a wife swap message board.The swinger community is sometimes referred to as "the lifestyle", or as "the alternative lifestyle". The term "swinging" has largely replaced the older term wife  ...Jul 27, 2013

... Anna Swings - by Anon - While our child is away visiting her grand parents my wife and I experiment with the swinger life style for the first time.Colette is a private on-premise social swingers club for single men, women and couples who are active in or curious about the swinging lifestyle. Our club is a ...Join the swinger life style community. Read our blog full of real swinger stories and learn new lifestyle definitions about the swinging lifestyle.
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